Half Day Scenic Bike Tour in Mombasa

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Butterfly Pavilion, Bamburi Road, Mombasa, Kenya
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About this activity

Bamburi Nature Trails is a nature park located in Bamburi, a suburb of Mombasa, Kenya.  A tour of the Bamburi Nature Trail is a great way to experience the natural beauty of Kenya and learn about its unique flora and fauna.

The nature trails are spread over 20 acres of land and include a variety of habitats, such as a forest, wetlands, savannah, and lake.

Visitors to the Bamburi Nature Trails can enjoy a guided walk through the park, where they can spot various birds and other wildlife, including monkeys, reptiles, and insects.

One of the iconic activities done in this area is cycling. Rent a bike and enjoy a 1okm cycle through the forest. This physical activity is sure to leave you exhausted and completely satisfied.

With its scenic views and diverse wildlife, Bamburi Nature Trails is a paradise you can not miss.

Curate your trips to Bamburi Nature Trail with Msafiri, your trip will include, park entry fees, picnics, cycling, or nature walks, and guide services depending on your need.

A great adventure for everyone including kids.



  • Half-day bike tour of Bamburi Nature Trail
  • 10km cycling through the forest
  • Pause along the way for cool-offs and water breaks
  • Wildlife spotting, monkeys, dik-diks, millipedes, antelopes,
  • Morning and afternoon departures available to fit your schedule


  • Return transport to your accommodation
  • Park entry fees
  • Use of bicycle
  • Use of helmet
  • Local guide
  • Bottled water
  • Hotel pick-ups
  • Hotel drop-offs


0 – 3 hours



Frequently asked questions

Half-day scenic bike tour at Bamburi Nature Trail starts from $20 per traveler. Rates vary depending on group size.

On average, this tour will take approximately 3 hours.

Yes, Bamburi Nature Trail is suitable for kids aged 6 years and above. There are smaller bikes for the kids but overall all kids can visit the park.

This biking tour can be done at any time of the day as the park offers a serenely beautiful environment at all times. Most commonly people prefer morning or afternoon cycling.

Activity's Location

Butterfly Pavilion, Bamburi Road, Mombasa, Kenya


(5 Reviews)
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Half Day Scenic Bike Tour in Mombasa
Shallom Sally

Bike hike Excursion at Bamburi Nature Trails

One of the best things about a bike hike excursion is that it can be tailored to your fitness level and interests.I took part in an excursion tailored by Msafiri.co team and I really enjoyed the whole experience. Covered 10km round the park and also got a chance to see various animals crossing the trails. Y'all should contact them for such excursions and safaris.Thank you team Msafiri
Half Day Scenic Bike Tour in Mombasa
Frankline Kipchumba
Biking through the breathtaking Mombasa Pavilion Park with Msafiri Tour Company was an exhilarating adventure! The scenic trails, the fresh breeze, and the thrill of pedaling through nature's wonders made it an unforgettable experience. Highly recommended for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.
Half Day Scenic Bike Tour in Mombasa
Wendy Prisca

Haller park half day trip

I enjoyed cycling while appreciating the nature in the park. My friends made this trip more fun when we did a cycling competition hence feeding my adrenaline rush. Thank you msafiri for organizing this trip for us. I highly recommend this trip.

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From: $20
5 (5 Reviews)



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