Watamu is a small peaceful village on the Kenya coast 105 kilometres north of Mombasa and 15 kilometres south of the town of Malindi. The village lies between pristine beaches and lush tropical rainforests and two protected areas: Watamu Marine National Park and Arabuko Sokoke National Park.

Watamu is situated on a small peninsula within the curve of Mida Creek and is surrounded by small coves, bays, and broad lagoons. The coastline is fringed with coral reef keeping the waters calm and crystal clear.

This region has been home to many communities and tribal groups living both on and around the coast, including the Giriama and Bajuni peoples. The first major settlement in the area was a remote Swahili outpost for trading dhows at Gedi, the ruins of which can still be visited today and are a National Museum site.

Watamu has remained a haven of peace and tranquility and is still proudly one of the coast’s most undeveloped and natural areas. Known for its unique, relaxed, and laid-back way of life, Watamu welcomes visitors seeking to chill out, explore and enjoy the wonders that it has to offer.